Mary Bednar

My background is in Intaglio etching, which is a form of printmaking. Because of this I see working and designing in metal as an extension of printmaking.  My jewelry designs are influenced by the graphic nature of printmaking. This is evident in the details (detaglio, Italian) and textures of each piece.

As with most fields worth pursuing, mine has been one of change; one that evolved over time. I am mostly self-taught, but I’ve also had several wonderful mentors who have influenced my passion to make art.

The creative process and making art jewelry is about communication. The symbols I use are a language, both ancient and modern. There is a purpose to making something when someone searches, finds and then engages in the design process. This is an element of the Custom Jewelry at Taglio. Wearing a piece says something about the person and it connects the artist in all of us.